Author Badges

Alafair Burke
Read Alafair Burke's The Wife and/or The Ex to be qualified for this author badge!

Matt Haig
Read Matt Haig's How To Stop Time to add this badge to your 50 Book Pledge shelf!

Book Badges

The Woman in the WIndow
Read the most anticipated book of the year, The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn, to add this badge to your 2018 shelf!

Brand Badges

Read 1 of the 5 books competing in this year's Canada Reads competition to earn this badge! Visit CBC Books to see which books are participating here.

Read any one of the diverse books on this list including The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill, Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas to honor the legacy of African-Americans, past and present.

Number Of Books Read

First Book Read
You've finished your first book and are off to a great start! Thanks for starting the 50 Book Pledge.

10 Books Read
Congrats on reading 10 great books! Here's to more fantastic reads this year.

25 Books Read
You've read 25 books so far. Keep up the awesome reading!

50 Books Read
Congratulations! You've just completed the 50 Book Pledge!

75 Books Read
You've read an incredible 75 Books! Congratulations on this amazing reading accomplishment!

100 Books Read
Wow, you've read 100 books this year! You are truly a reading champ, congratulations on this astonishing accomplishment!

125 Books Read
Way to go! You've read 125 books this year, which must mean you are a VERY avid reader. Congrats!

150 Books Read
Congrats, you've read 150 books this year! You are a reading machine!

175 Books Read
Holy books! You've read 175 this year. We're very, very impressed with your skills. Congratulations on reaching this huge number!

200 Books Read
Reader, we bow down to you! Congrats on reading 200 books this year!

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